I don’t care if you don’t like my views, unfollow me, i do not care. I have never felt so loved and safe until I discovered radical feminism.


Happy International Women’s Day. IG & FB


Happy International Women’s Day. 



PSA: Make sure your politics align 100% without  a hair out of place with the OP of every post you reblog. Do so by performing strenuous research into the OP’s blog, everyone the OP interacts with, their URL tag, and the tags for all of their previous URLs. If you do not do this, you are co-signing everything they have ever stood for. Someday someone will make a masterpost with a list of URLs to never, ever interact with, and yours will be on it because you didn’t do your research. Good job, now you’ve poisoned everyone who interacts with you, too.


I’m female and I knew about the prostate before I knew about the clitoris and that’s actually pretty sad


the same gay men who get hurt when people say faggots have no problem calling women bitches, cunts and dykes ummm



are girls still pretending they don’t masturbate?

I dunno, is society still teaching girls that anything related to their genitals is dirty and impure?

lesbian: im a lesbian
person: so ur bi
lesbian: lesbian
person: queer
lesbian: lesbian
person: omg cissexist die cis scum

some more mermaid ideas


some more mermaid ideas

Sorry for the disappearance, had a rough time mentally the last few days. Had therapy today, all’s good!


sometimes i can get very aggressive and hateful towards disrespectful transwomen and i do forget they too have struggles—but like—i get frustrated when people who so desperately want to live as women refuse to unlearn abusive behaviors thrust onto them as males.

those are the transwomen that appropriate womahood, that reduce it down to dresses and makeup—not the transwomen who just want to live their lives comfortably and understand their problem can never be truly “fixed” even through srs and hormones, nor the transwomen who stand side by side with women and understand women born women have their own struggles separate from theirs.